Sending out a new invoice for your business is exciting, right?
But when that new invoice isn’t paid on time … not so much

Late payments are a common problem that can really hurt your cash flow – so how do you keep track of those unpaid invoices in your business?

Do you scribble a reminder on a post-it note (and then immediately lose it)?
Don’t worry – there are plenty of easy tricks and tools to help automate your invoice reminders. Here are some of my favorites:
Not using software yet? No problem – just pre-write and schedule an email to go out on the day of the invoice due date, as a friendly reminder

If you have a Quickbooks Online account, there’s a NEW automatic reminder tool now built in to your invoices! All you have to do is set it up for your preferences. (You can learn how to set it up in the link here

Have a Zapier account? If so, you can also set up automated text message reminders to go out to your clients (pretty cool, right?)
And all of those sound way more effective than a post-it note
And, of course, if you’re tired of sending out invoices (and chasing down payments), feel free to reach out. I handle this process all the time for my clients, and I’d love to help take this off your plate, and give you more time for the rest of your business (and life).